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Joe, Thank you so much for your assistance in the recent drug/alcohol testing case. Your testimony brought a much needed third party perspective to a problematic case. Thank you again for your help.  I could not have waded through the muck without your assistance and testimony.” — Wendy

“This was an expert witness case regarding an employer not following appropriate DOT collection procedures and not following their own company policy. Designated Employer Representative (DER) training would have helped the employer avoid this unfortunate lengthy legal action.” stated Joe Reilly, President of Joe Reilly & Associates.


Donna Shipley

Dear Joe,

Thank you for the info and invite regarding DATIA. As you probably are aware Ashley has taken over Soteria Screening Laboratories. I felt it was my time to cut the umbilical cord, so to speak, and allow her to nurture and develop the company with her own ideas, energy and enthusiasm. Being that the company is a little less than a year seasoned I believe Ashley will be very successful with this venture in time to come. Ashley appears to be very disciplined when it comes to living frugally and realizes it will take about 4-5 years before she can take money out of the profits. I also have seen the way she problem shoots issues with customers and gives 150% service to the customer for resolution. I believe Ashley has developed a strong foundation of morals and work ethic that is unfortunately observed less and less in today’s culture.

Though it has been a huge continuous learning curve with bouts of frustration, here and there, she never ceases to give up. I know Ashley’s vision of company growth keeps her stimulated to do what is necessary in order to succeed.

Don’t know if Ashley told you but she is in the process of moving to Hawaii. She is very excited about this venture and being young and free can enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer in terms of beauty and nature. She also feels fortunate to have this virtual business that she can take anywhere in the country and not be altered by location.

I want to say thank you Joe for being a mentor for Ashley and helping her over the past year. Ashley highly respects your opinions and help as well as the help she has received from your office staff. Especially Michelle who has been so patient and respondent whenever Ashley has called.

Ashley wanted to attend DATIA this year but unfortunately the timing conflicted with her move. She is hoping to attend next year.

I enjoy receiving your You Tubes and keeping abreast with updates and changes in the drug testing industry. You are an inspiration for an entrepreneur. Spending a few days in the “Joe Riley Classroom” was a stepping stone to give Ashley the enthusiasm to start her own company.

Again thank you Joe for all your input and help in helping Ashley with SOTERIA.

God Bless to you and your family.

Warm Regards,

Donna Shipley


Chuck & Stacey Marting

If you’re looking to be trained by an individual is known professionally as one of the leading authorities in the employer drug testing industry, we would recommend Joe Reilly and the training services he provides.  By following the direction and recommendations Joe Reilly directed for your business we have been successful from the start and continue to double in the growth of our business each year since working with Joe.  All we had to do was follow and trust the process and implement what Joe taught us and the success has followed.

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Chuck & Stacey Marting
Colorado Mobile Drug Testing


Joe Strom

“Joe is a great leader and a well know drug testing industry expert. He has provided invaluable assistance to our team in assisting with the training of our franchisees. Potential Contributions – (1) Serves as a leader and strategist, evaluating trends in the industry, and developing and executing the overall sales and marketing plan, on a national/international basis, (2) Develops effective ways to sell into highly competitive markets, leading, training and managing continuous improvement of the sales process, (3) Builds, motivates and retains sales teams with a common sense of purpose and achievement, and a strong commitment to attaining market leadership.”

Joe Strom –


Dean Klassy Sr.

Joe and I have worked to gether in the Drug Testing industry for many years. Joe is alway available to answer any questions that I have had. He is very professional and out going. Joe and I have also worked together at the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) where he has been very pro-active for the industry. I look forward to still working with Joe.

Dean Klassy Sr., DATIA Past Chairman

DATIA Past Chairman

Jeffrey C. Smith

Joe is a true entrepreneur having mastered the industry and grown his drug testing company to the point where it could be sold as a sustaining firm to new owners. It’s an execution of a textbook strategy that few have done in our new industry. Prior to that Joe served as one of the finest Chairmen of DATIA, helping its growth of over 10% annually while dealing with complex Board interrelationships.

Jeffrey C. Smith, Entrepreneur, Public Policy Advocate
Washington Policy Associates
Managing Director of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)


Linda Honey


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a most enjoyable class at the DATIA Conference 2015. I took the auditing class somewhat reluctantly, thinking it could be a very dry, long four hours; however, it was the exact opposite! The knowledge and enthusiasm you brought to the room made it the highlight of my conference experience this year. I would definitely take the class again and appreciated both you sharing your experience, while allowing the attendees enough time to interact with each other and share their stories. It was a great class and, again, I wanted to say thank you!


Linda Honey

Timely Testing, LTD


Terri McCulloch

“I hired Joe Reilly, Joe Reilly & Associates, on behalf of ANY LAB TEST NOW to train some of our franchisees on employer drug and alcohol testing solutions during our Florida Regional Meeting. Joe is an exceptional presenter, able to read the audience and present the material appropriately. His presentation was thorough and filled with additional resources that our franchisees could use as a reference after the workshop. I highly recommend Joe and am looking forward to hiring him again in the future. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert” … Terri McCulloch, ANY LAB TEST NOW


Laura Shelton

This letter is to serve as validation of Joseph Reilly’s credentials. Since 2004, Mr. Reilly has served as an M-­‐CPCT (Master Certified Professional Collector Trainer) for DATIA’s collector certification program. DATIA’s Certified Professional Collector Trainer program was developed by industry professionals and serves to train collectors on the federal requirements of both Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) collection procedures, as well as accepted industry best practices. Per the attached, the HHS Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration lists DATIA on its website as a training provider.

In addition, Mr. Reilly served as DATIA’s Chairman of the Board from 2006-­‐2008. His peers elected him to this position due to his experience in the industry.

I hope that this letter suffices to discuss Mr. Reilly’s qualifications as an expert in drug testing collection procedures. Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Laura Shelton, CMP
DATIA, Executive Director

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DATIA, Executive Director