DATIA CPC. Specimen Collection Training – DOT and NonDOT Urine, Hair, Instant, Oral Fluid

This is a full training for all specimens including urine, hair instant testing and oral fluid testing.  This training includes the DOT qualification training and proficiency demonstration (required mock collections).

This training program also oincludes certification as a DATIA CPC - status from the Drug & Alcohol Industry Association (DATIA) as a Certified Professional Collector (CPC).  You will also receive a DATIA CPC training manual which includes many valuable resources.

Specimen Collector Training is accomplished in three steps:

  1. Self-Study homework assignments – reading, online training and video clips
  2. Webinar Instructional Training – 2 hours
  3. Completion of five mock collections, either live or via webcam, in front of a trainer qualified to monitor mock DOT collections (1.5 hours per person)

In order to complete the required proficiency demonstration (mock collections) you will need the following:

  1. A partner to play the role as the donor
  2. A pitcher of water to simulate the urine
  3. Seven split specimen collection cups
  4. Seven Federal custody and control forms (CCF’s)

If you not currently have Laboratory Accounts with the required supplies, our office can assist you call 321 622 2020.

Live training is always available and is most cost effective with 10 or more collectors to be trained because of the discounted training fees. Travel expenses are in addition. Call Joe Reilly at 321-622-2020 for price quote and to check availability.  

Are you a DOT certified urine specimen collector? DOT mandates training and proficiency demonstration for collectors to collect urine specimens for the DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program and DOT requires qualification training and proficiency in collections by completing five consecutive error-free mock collections.

 DOT does not certify collectors so it is important to make sure to get the best training available and our program is the most comprehensive in the industry for initial certification as a DOT collector.