Drug Test Training Webinars 2022

In partnership with National Drug Screening, we are publishing a full schedule of training for the drug testing industry.  These trainings are for drug testing, specimen collection, drug free workplace and more.  Check out the full schedule and learn from industry experts. Each training has three opportunities throughout 2022 for you to attend.  One registration link and you can pick the date you want for your drug testing industry trainings.  These are live webinar trainings.

Starting a Drug Testing Business
03/02/2022 3pm ET | 08/09/2022 11am ET | 11/09/2022 3pm ET

TPA & Random Program Management Training
02/01/2022 1PM ET | 06/16/2022 3PM ET | 10/19/2022 3PM ET

Designated Employer Training (DER) Training
01/25/2022 11AM ET | 04/28/2022 3PM ET | 09/14/2022 3PM ET

Supervisor Training – Reasonable Suspicion
02/02/2022 1PM ET | 05/13/2022 1PM ET | 09/21/2022 3PM ET

DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training
02/10/2022 3PM ET | 06/02/2022 3PM ET |  12/01/2022 3PM ET

DOT Collector Best Practices & How-to Review
02/23/2022 4PM ET | 05/11/2022 4PM ET | 12/06/2022 11AM ET