Consortium DOT Drug And Alcohol Testing For Owner Operator

Truck drivers all across the United States need compliance with DOT drug and alcohol testing programs.  This is particularly challenging for owner-operators.  Get compliant before your next DOT audit.

Your typical story goes like this…

Mr. Bob gets his CDL, goes to truck driving school, purchases a large truck, and now has a lot of paperwork, insurance, licensing and much more to deal with. He needs a pre-employment drug test and enrollment into a DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium. He also needs to become aware of all the rules and regulations for DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing regulations 49 CFR Part 40.

Our friends at National Drug Screening (NDS) can help with the Consortium DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program for the Owner-Operator.  A very quick and easy turnkey program with same-day services, NDS can get Mr. Bob up to speed with compliance with the DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing regulations 49 CFR Part 40 and FMCSA 49 CFR Part 382.


All owner operators that meet the criteria below must be DOT compliant for drug and alcohol testing

The criteria is as follows:

  1. hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), or similar license issued by Mexico or Canada, and
  2. operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) in any state?
    1. A CMV is defined as a vehicle:
      1. with a gross vehicle weight rating/gross vehicle weight or gross combination weight rating/gross combination weight of 26,001 or more lbs., or
      2. designed to carry 16 or more passengers (including the driver), or
      3. of any size that is used to transport hazardous materials which require the vehicle to be placarded

The initial requirements for the owner-operator are to have a pre-employment drug test and to be enrolled into a DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium. For questions, or to learn more, call 321-622-2020

Owner-operators are not subject to DOT supervisor training. However, you are still required to register with a consortium for DOT drug and alcohol testing.

49 CFR Part 40, or “Part 40” as we call it, is a DOT-wide regulation that states how to conduct testing and how to return employees to safety-sensitive duties after they violated a DOT drug and alcohol regulation. Part 40 applies to all DOT-required testing, regardless of what DOT agency-specific rule applies to an employer. For example, whether you are an airline covered by FAA rules or a trucking company covered by FMCSA rules, Part 40 procedures for collecting and testing specimens and reporting of test results apply to you.

Consortium DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing For Owner Operator

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