DOT & Non DOT Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training

Join us for our live webinar, DOT and Non DOT reasonable suspicion training for supervisors.

In this live webinar, you will be trained on how to recognize the signs, symptoms and performance indicators of drug and alcohol abuse and misuse. This is a required training under DOT regulations for supervisors of safety-sensitive employees.

This course meets the supervisor training requirements of DOT 49 CFR Part 382.603 and DOT 14 CFR part 120.115. Our training is designed to enable a supervisor to determine whether reasonable suspicion exists to require testing.

All Webinars Include:

  • Pre-Training Review Materials Will Be Provided to all Registered Attendees
  • Certificates of Training Will Be Issued
  • Pre-Registration is Required
  • Limited Seating
  • Appropriate for FMCSA and FAA transportation modes

A Supervisor’s Guide to Reasonable Suspicion Testing – Webinar Training. In addition to the information on the signs and symptoms of the five most commonly abused drugs – marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates & PCP – and alcohol, the course covers Club Drugs and inhalants which are growing workplace problems. Also covered is a step-by-step confrontation process, information on the reasons for testing, refusal to test and reasonable suspicion testing situations.

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Feb 2, 2023 1:00 PM EST
May 4, 2023 1:00 PM EST
Sep 21, 2023 3:00 PM EST


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Understanding Your Role In A Drug-Free Workplace

As a supervisor, you play a critical role in implementing and maintaining a drug-free workplace program. Your ability to recognize changes in job performance is vital to ensuring the safety of your employees. That is why reasonable suspicion training is so important.

It can be a bit intimidating to think about addressing drug and alcohol abuse with your co-workers, particularly those that you supervise. However, it is vital for you to address expected conduct and performance with your employees. You must be aware of your organization’s drug-free policy, be prepared to thoroughly explain the policy to your employees and understand the unique position you’re in as a supervisor.

In this live training program, we will provide you the tools necessary to be successful.

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Drug Training

Supervisors who will determine when an employee is subject to drug testing based on reasonable suspicion must receive at least 60 minutes of initial training, including specific training on:

  • The effects and consequences of drug use on individual health, safety, and work environment
  • The manifestations and behavioral cues that may indicate drug use and abuse
  • Specific, contemporaneous physical, behavioral, and performance indicators of probable drug use

Alcohol Training

Supervisors who make reasonable suspicion determinations for alcohol testing must receive at least 60 minutes of training on the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of probable alcohol misuse.

Both FMCSA and FAA set drug and alcohol education and training requirements for safety-sensitive employees and supervisors who will make reasonable suspicion testing decisions. This webinar will meet that requirement for your supervisors.
DOT Supervisor Training from Drug Industry Expert Joe Reilly

For over 26 years, Joe Reilly has been providing drug and alcohol testing training throughout the country. He has extensive knowledge of DOT compliance policy and procedures, with emphasis on reasonable suspicion training for supervisors. In this live webinar, you’ll have a chance to not only learn from the best in the industry, but you’ll be able to ask questions and gain valuable information that you may not receive from other training courses.

Pre-registration for this training is required. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity – purchase your training today!

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This is a valuable training program presented by a drug testing industry expert with a low person price of $49.00.

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