Training Course: Marketing Your Drug Testing Business

Market your drug testing business with help from industry professional Joe Reilly

Starting a drug testing business takes work and requires capital. When you determine what type of business you want to run, marketing will be a key element of your success.

Our marketing program is available for those serving direct employers, as well as those seeking opportunities to be in a collection facility for other labs, drug testing providers, background check companies, DNA Paternity labs, individuals and other markets. This is a great value at $1350 plus travel expense.

Call Joe Reilly at 321-622-2020 to discuss a one-day custom consultation and training to help your business grow and prosper.

In this one-day program, Joe will come to your company live and in person to teach you how to market, sell and grow your business more quickly and efficiently. You will learn directly from a seasoned veteran drug testing industry expert who has done what you want to do. This session will help you to define target markets, create a plan of action to make these markets aware of your business and how you can serve these markets in fixed facilities and/or with mobile collections.

In this in-depth training program, attendees will learn:

Knowledge is Power – Key Insights From a 25-year Industry Veteran

Industry professional Joe Reilly has been in the drug and alcohol testing industry for over 25 years. He is one of the leading experts in workplace drug testing for DOT and Non-DOT compliant companies. You’ll learn valuable information about how to successfully run a drug testing business that you won’t find anywhere else.

Marketing Campaigns and Advertising Strategies

There are multiple ways to market and advertise your business. The problem is knowing what works without spending your entire marketing budget. Joe Reilly has practically tried it all and has figured out where you can find the most success. Learn different marketing strategies and tactics, what areas make the most sense to invest in, and the types of marketing efforts that often show little to no return.

Optimize Your Web Presence, Paid Search Strategies and Organic Search Engine Optimization Techniques

We live in a digital age and search engines are a gateway to endless amounts of information. Anyone looking for a drug testing business will do so from their computer or smartphone. Whether you choose to hire a company to optimize your website and set up paid advertising on different marketing channels, or you devote the time to learn how to do it on your own, creating a solid web presence for your business is key.

Maximize Efficiency in Product and Service Delivery

Once you’ve decided on the type of drug testing business you want to have and the services you will provide, you need to learn how to be efficient. The more orders you are able to fulfill, the more money you will make. Maximizing the efficiency of your drug testing business will set you apart from your competitors.

Getting Prospects to Call You

If people aren’t calling for your services, how are you going to make money? Getting potential customers to call you, particularly when you are just starting out, may be one of your biggest challenges. But don’t worry, we’ve been there! Joe Reilly has over 25 years of experience in the drug testing business and has learned the best ways to get prospective clients to reach out.

How to Utilize Technology to Enhance Your Business

Keeping organized is one of the key components to running a successful business. You will need to research different Customer and Relationship Management Systems (CRM), many of which offer free versions or trial offers. There are dozens of CRMs on the market, some more expensive than others. The type of drug testing business you are running will dictate which software makes sense for your needs.

Target Marketing and Pricing Strategies

When you are new to this business, choosing a target market and successful pricing strategy will not be an easy task. There are so many factors involved, it can quickly become overwhelming. Having the experience and guidance of industry expert Joe Reilly will help you figure out what the right strategy is for your business.

Learn From the Best!

Industry professional Joe Reilly has been providing drug testing industry training and consulting for over 25 years. The knowledge and experience he has gained over the last 2 ½ decades will help put you on the road to success. We encourage you to take advantage of this training program. Cost of training is $1350 plus travel expenses. To schedule your consultation, or to learn more, contact Joe Reilly at (321) 622-2020 or email [email protected]