15 Critical Steps for Marketing Your Drug Testing Business

Once your business is open and ready, how do you get customers? I  get the question all the time, how do I get customers for my drug testing business.  Below is a list of what you need to do.  Be prepared to work hard, you should always be following the below list always promoting your business.

  1. Have you identified and listed all your products and services and pricing?
  2. Have you identified the geographical area for which you are capable of providing all your products and services?
  3. Is you web site up and running?
  4. Have you set up your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)? https://support.google.com/business/answer/2911778?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop   
  5. Set up your business social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  6. Notify everyone that  your business is open, and you are ready for customers:
    1. Press Release – local news outlets
    2. Posts to social media and Google Business Provide
    3. Friends, family and those who you do business with
    4. Competitors
  7. Obtain free listings in YP.com and Yelp
  8. Send e-mail notification to Labs and TPA’s about your capabilities for specimen collections
  9. Continuous Business Networking
    1. Chamber of Commerce
    2. Local SHRM Chapter
    3. Local BNI Chapter
  10. If applicable, set up a Grand Opening or Grand Re-Opening
    1. Notify local news outlets, send press release
    2. Notify and invite chamber of commerce
    3. Notify and invite local Mayor
    4. Post on social media and Google Business Provide
    5. Follow up with picture and news story to local news outlet, posts to social media and Google Business Provide 
  11. Join NDASA – drug testing industry association
  12. Purchase local Google AdWords, Pay Per Click
  13. Post articles to your Blog page on web site
  14. Promote Blog articles on Social Media and Google Business Profile
  15. Make a list of local businesses you want to have as clients, contact those businesses  

Above are the first 15 things to do to start marketing your drug testing business.  These are high priority items to get you started.

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