Online DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training

DOT Urine Specimen Collector Trainings and Required Proficiency Demonstration

Our program is the most comprehensive in the industry for initial certification as a DOT collector.

Your certification can be obtained from the comfort of your home or office. Long distance training is accomplished via webinars and webcam training. Training for DOT specimen collections is required by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT).

DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training (Live Training or Webinar Based Training) is accomplished in three steps: 

  1. Self-Study homework assignments – reading and video clips
  2. Live or Webinar Instructional Training – 1.5 hours
  3. Completion of five mock collections in front (live or webcam) of a trainer qualified to monitor mock DOT collections (1.5 hours per person)

Live training is always available and is the most cost effective with 10 or more collectors to be trained the training fees are discounted; travel expenses are additional.  

In order to complete the required proficiency demonstration (mock collections) you will need the following: 

  1. A partner to play the role as the donor
  2. 7 split specimen collection cups
  3. 7 Federal custody and control forms (CCF’s) 

If you need assistance with obtaining the split specimen cups and Federal custody and control forms you can give us a call and we can set you up with a lab account to receive these forms. 

Purchase Online Training Course

Are you a DOT certified specimen collector looking for additional training? Purchase one of our online training courses.

Collector Training DOT, with Mock Collections – $595.00


Mock Collections Only – $300.00

To learn more about training programs or consultation services, contact Joe Reilly & Associates Inc today at (321) 622-2020.

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