Train the Trainer – DOT Specimen Collector


Training for DOT specimen collections is required by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). This training program includes certification as a trainer for DOT urine specimen collections. This program includes your mock collections and guidance to administer mock collections to your trainees. Training will be conducted with a homework assignment and remote online training and webinars. All registrations will be confirmed by phone and e-mail.

This is a comprehensive program that includes a 124 page training manual with video clips for collector scenarios. The first step is homework, you read the manual watch the video clips. Step 2 is an online remote training. Step 3 is live mock collections vis webcam. Step 4 is a live wrap webinar with industry expert Joe Reilly. All materials to train your students are including quizzes, certificates and more.

An option is to come to office in Melbourne, FL for one day live training to complete all.  In this case you would be responsible for you travel expense.