Training Course: The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Mobile Drug Testing Collection Business

Getting started in a new business is exciting but challenging. It takes time and requires hard work. Creating a mobile drug testing collection business is much more than simply getting trained and qualified as a Department of Transportation (DOT) urine specimen collector.  This guide will give you tools and resources to get you started and eliminate much trial and error.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Business Operations
  3. New Business Checklist
  4. Marketing and Sales
  5. Marketing Activities List
  6. Collecting Payment for Services
  7. Collecting Specimens—FORMFOX
  8. Instant or Point of Collection Testing
  9. Training Resources
  10. Supplies Resources
  11. Addendums
  12. Follow-Up Contact

Business resources included in the guide:

  1. Mobile collection process
  2. 23 steps to non-DOT urine specimen collection
  3. 23 steps to DOT urine specimen collection
  4. Instant drug screen results three-part form
  5. LabCorp hair drug test collection procedure
  6. Oral fluid Quantisal LabCorp collection procedure
  7. Suggested mobile collection fees 
  8. Critical steps to market your drug testing business
  9. Business plan outline
  10. Messaging to TPA and labs for collection only
  11. Labs and TPAs to contact