Drug Free Workplace Policies

This blog section will focus on drug free workplace policies which are an important component of a drug free workplace program. The discussions will also address medical marijuana and recreational marijuana as they relate to employer policies on substance abuse.  Every employer should be addressing medical marijuana and recreational marijuana with a written drug free workplace policy.  

Blog Posts

Consortium DOT Drug And Alcohol Testing For Owner Operator

Truck drivers all across the United States need compliance with DOT drug and alcohol testing programs.  This is particularly challenging for owner operators.  Get compliant before your next DOT audit. Your typical story goes like this... Mr... [read more]

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Preview The Guide To Reasonable Suspicion Testing

>>>Enjoy this short preview of the 69 page REASONABLE SUSPICION TESTING - DRUGS & ALCOHOL - A GUIDE FOR WORKPLACE SUPERVISORS >>>  Introduction to Supervisor Training for Reasonable Suspicion Testing When a worker is impaired... [read more]

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The Foundation of a Drug Free Workplace

A drug-free workplace policy forms the foundation for a drug-free workplace program. However, it is not the same as a drug-free workplace program. Rather, it is one of five components. A comprehensive drug-free workplace program includes: Drug-free... [read more]

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