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Consortium DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing For Owner Operator
Truck drivers all across the United States need compliance with DOT drug and alcohol testing programs.  This is particularly challenging for owner-operators.  Get compliant before your next DOT audit. Your typical story goes like this… Mr. Bob gets his CDL, goes to truck driving school, purchases a large truck, and now has a lot of […]
Guide To Reasonable Suspicion Testing For Supervisors - Joe Reilly & Associates
>>>Enjoy this short preview of the 69 page REASONABLE SUSPICION TESTING – DRUGS & ALCOHOL – A GUIDE FOR WORKPLACE SUPERVISORS >>>  INTRODUCTION TO SUPERVISOR TRAINING FOR REASONABLE SUSPICION TESTING When a worker is impaired by the use of drugs or alcohol, he or she threatens the safety and well-being of everyone at a worksite. […]
Creating a Drug Free Workplace
A drug-free workplace policy forms the foundation for a drug-free workplace program. However, it is not the same as a drug-free workplace program. Rather, it is one of five components. A comprehensive drug-free workplace program includes: Drug-free policy Supervisor training Employee education Employee assistance Drug testing Although programs can be effective without all five of […]