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Our friends at National Drug Screening recently posted a great video on how to start a drug testing business. Take this first set on your journey to start your own business and view this video featuring industry veteran Joe Reilly.


Starting a business means you need to create a business plan. Write down what you want to do and how you will do it. There is a lot of knowledge and training needed for the drug testing business. Be aware it will take many hours of training and certifications. It is like going back to school. Joe Reilly & Associates, Inc offers a Platinum Package for starting a drug testing business. 

Our Platinum Package is an intense 80-hour program designed to get you up and running without delay. This program includes self-study homework, webinar presentations followed by two days of live one on one training with Joe Reilly and 30 days of Q & A, and follow-up consultation. This is a comprehensive 8 step program. Are you ready to get started today and build a serious drug testing business?

Purchase our Platinum Package and get your business started!


Step 1 – Collector training and certifications

  • Urine Collector Training DOT and Non-DOT
  • Breath Alcohol Training and certifications
  • Mock collections for urine collector training and breath alcohol testing
  • Non-DOT specimen collector training for:
    • Lab-based oral fluid
    • Instant urine
    • Instant oral fluid
    • Hair testing

Step 2 – Review the ability of the business to provide drug & alcohol testing services in compliance with DOT and State Law regulations.  Provide homework material, webinars and live training on:

  • Introduction to drug testing
  • Urine specimen collector training
  • DOT and NON-DOT Drug-Free Workplace Programs
  • DOT Regulations and State Laws
  • Lab testing
  • Alternative Specimen Testing – hair, oral fluid, instant or rapid testing  
  • Employer, DER and TPA roles
  • DOT Random Testing – consortium and standalone
  • Operation of Business as a Third-Party Administrator
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Effective web site and internet marketing strategies

Step 3 – Review and set up proper process systems to allow the business to serve its markets including all vendor arrangements (Labs, MRO, software, suppliers, supplies etc.).  Review and provide a plan to set up systems to record all work completed and the ability to invoice and collect payment for all services completed.  Provide sample contract forms, sales proposals and other template forms necessary for business operation.  Review facility and staffing needs.

Step 4 – Marketing: Review and consult on existing web site or creation of a new web site.  Provide input and sample brochures, mailings and other print and electronic marketing media.  Consult on marketing strategies including social media.

Step 5 – Define target markets:  Create a plan of action to alert these markets of the new business and the opportunity to serve these markets in the fixed facility and with mobile collections.  This would include direct employers as well as opportunities to be a collection facility for other Labs, other drug testing providers, background check companies, DNA Paternity labs, individuals and other markets. 

Step 6 – Create a sales marketing plan – Blueprint for Success to include specific steps to get out and market the business. Review sales pitch for each type of business prospect.  Define any opportunities for additional revenue for the business (on-site testing, DNA Paternity testing, fingerprinting, background checks etc.).  Put a plan together to capitalize on these additional opportunities.

Step 7 – Summarize your Roadmap to Success with: Service and Product Offerings, Pricing Schedules, Target Areas, Marketing Materials, Implementation Materials, Target Customer Lists, Marketing Activities, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Follow-up, Procedures for Onboarding of New Clients, Procedures for Ongoing Service to Clients, operations and sales forms and templates. 


You will need time, energy and some money to start a new drug testing business.  You can avoid many trials and errors with expert consulting from Joe Reilly & Associates, Inc.  Do you need more information?  Take advantage of our free e-book on Starting a Drug Testing Business.  Once you have watched the video and read over the e-book, call Joe Reilly at 321-622-2020 for a free 15-minute consultation. Good luck on starting a new drug testing business.

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