Starting A Drug Testing Business – Collector Or TPA

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I get many questions about starting a drug testing business.  Often the call is asking about becoming a DOT certified urine collector.  Although this is a highly recommended step in the process of starting a drug testing business, this certification alone does not put you in business.

Starting a business takes a lot of work.  It may not seem so but the drug & alcohol testing business is fairly complex and requires a great deal of knowledge and training.  You also need to know the basic steps of starting a business and then finally you need to be able to generate sales and revenue.

I have written several articles about the subject of starting a drug testing business.  If you are interested in starting this type of business I highly recommend you start by carefully reading over all of these articles.

Getting into the Business – Drug & Alcohol Testing

Starting a Mobile Collection or Drug Testing Business

How to Start a Drug Testing Business

There are many options to help you get started but be aware it will take time and money.  Your decision to start a drug testing business should be carefully thought out.  Consider your living expenses for at least six months need to be covered.  A lot will depend on your ability to go out and market yourself to bet business and earn sales and revenue.  It is not easy and will take hard work.

I have another great resource to help you get started which I highly recommend.  We have online training you can purchase for only $75.00 to help you consider what it takes to open a drug testing business.  Our introductory drug testing start-up overview on starting a business in a rapidly growing industry is perfect for you!  This online course tells you what it takes to start a drug testing business.  The drug testing business start-up overview consists of videos, documents, resources, and PowerPoints.

When ordering the DRUG TESTING BUSINESS START-UP OVERVIEW course you will also receive a 30-minute one-on-one call with one of our instructors and 100 dollars off any of our other online drug testing training courses.  The course will review important topics relevant to the drug testing business:

  • Compliance: Should you incorporate? Which type of entity is right for your business? Do you need a business license?
  • History and Growth Outlook: How did the drug testing industry start? How big is it now? Is it growing?
  • Services: Which services might be right for your business to offer?
  • Marketing: Where and how should you market? Who is your target market?
  • Equipment: With a wide variety of choices to make, how do you know which equipment will best fit the services you provide?

Take a low-risk first step and order our DRUG TESTING BUSINESS START-UP OVERVIEW course. For only $75.00 you will receive over $250.00 in benefits, so your drug testing business will already be making a profit. 


Starting A Drug Testing Business - Collector Or TPA

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