Starting A Mobile Collection Or Drug Testing Business

I have been getting a lot of calls from folks wanting to start a mobile collection business for drug testing.  It seems to many folks that getting specimen collector training will get them up and running and in business rather quickly and easily.  This is far from the truth. This article will attempt to give you the answers that you need to make the decisions and set up the tasks that you need to start a mobile collection or drug testing business.  There is much more to it than just the specimen collector training.

One option for the mobile collection business is a franchisee.  USA Mobile Drug Testing has franchisee opportunities in many areas of the United States.  The advantage here is that it is a turnkey opportunity as the only nationally-branded franchise devoted to highly effective and efficient mobile drug and alcohol testing.  You can eliminate trial and error and join a trusted brand.

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Many of the calls I get are from individuals that want to do it all on their own and many want to get started as a specimen collector.  This is all good but there is a great deal of work involved, it is not easy.  As a mobile drug test collector you will need the following to get started:

  1. Urine Specimen Collector Training – A certification that you are qualified to perform United States Department of Transportation urine specimen collections is always required as a first step. You can access this training online or in person, Click Here for training options.
  2. Additional specimen collector training will be required if you plan to perform hair and oral fluid drug tests. The use of instant drug testing commonly called point of collection testing (POCT) may also be necessary and you need training for POCT also. This comprehensive training can be included with your DOT urine specimen collector training.
  3. Breath Alcohol Testing Training – A mobile collector for drug testing will also receive requests for alcohol tests. This will require you to have an evidential breath testing device commonly called a breathalyzer. Your ability to gain business will be very limited without the capability to perform breath alcohol testing.  For great options for a breathalyzer and required training, call Joe Reilly at 321-622-2020.  You will also need supplies for your breath alcohol testing.
  4. Lab accounts and supplies – once you are trained to do drug testing, you will need lab accounts and supplies to be able to provide services when requested. You will need training on what lab account and what supplies you will need. Joe Reilly & Associates and National Drug Screening can help you with your lab accounts and supplies and the training you will need.    
  5. Medical Review Officer (MRO) – a medical review officer is required in the drug testing process to review, verify and report results. The MRO rules out legally prescribed medications so that there are no false positives. Lab services from National Drug Screening include SAMHSA certified labs and certified MRO services.
  6. Software – if you are going to sell and perform drug testing, you will need a way to record, report and store the drug testing results. A great software program is available from National Drug Screening and this program combines your lab and MRO services so you can have a one stop shop.     

    As you can see from the above initial list the ramp up process for your Mobile Collection or Drug Testing Business is comprehensive.  There are many other components to opening your new business.  The list below should be considered carefully. One of the most important considerations will be that of your website.  A website is critical to your business success.  Take your time in finding a website vendor, don’t try to do it yourself.  In today’s business environment a great website will make the difference between success and failure.     

Basic Business Start Up Requirements

  1. Business Plan
  2. Business name, incorporation (Corporation, Partnership, LLC, Sole Proprietor) accountant, attorney, IRS filing, bank account
  3. Branding – Logo, colors, fonts, theme
  4. Domain name, e-mail address and web site
  5. Location – Lease if applicable; business licenses’ or set up home office
  6. Marketing Plan – business card, fliers, add content to web site
  7. Accounting/Bookkeeping set up – QuickBooks or other
  8. Merchant account for credit card processing
  9. Fed-ex account for shipping
  10. Insurance – professional liability, general liability, auto, workers comp

Do you need help starting your new Mobile Collection or Drug Testing Business?  A comprehensive consulting and training program is available from Joe Reilly & Associates.  

This article written by Joe Reilly.
With extensive experience in drug testing since 1993, Joe Reilly is considered a national expert for the workplace drug testing industry.  Joe currently services as President of Joe Reilly & Associates, Inc a national consulting firm providing expert witness testimony, drug test industry consulting and training. 

Joe is also President of National Drug Screening, Inc a national TPA as well as serving as the Senior Compliance Director for USA Mobile Drug Testing.

Joe is an active member of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and a past chairman of the DATIA Board of Directors.   He graduated from Manhattan College in New York City with degrees in accounting and marketing; and now resides in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida.

Starting A Mobile Collection Or Drug Testing Business

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