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There are several companies around the United States that offer consulting or mentorship for starting a drug testing business. Many of those interested in starting a drug testing business are often led down the wrong path with guidance that all you have to do is become a DOT certified urine collector and then you can make a lot of money by operating a drug testing business.

In this video we talk about how the above guidance is wrong. Any business takes lots of learning for the business owner to be successful. Joe Reilly with 30+ years’ experience provides a comprehensive program to help folks get into this drug testing business and be successful. Joe often is asked for references, and he has many he can provide. One of his references is Jonathan Baktari MD who has launched several successful businesses including a national drug testing third party administrator (TPA) – US Drug Test Centers. In this video you can hear a great conversation between Joe Reilly and Jonathan Baktari MD regarding the services from Joe Reilly to help entrepreneurs launch a successful drug testing business.

Dr Baktari engaged Joe Reilly over 10 years ago for assistance in launching his drug testing company. Today, Jonathan Baktari MD is a preeminent, national business thought leader interviewed in The Washington Post, USA Today, Forbes, Barron’s, and many other national publications. He is also an opinion writer for The Hill and the Toronto Star. He is the host of a highly rated podcast BaktariMD as well as a guest on over 50 podcasts. Dr. Baktari was formerly the Medical Director of The Valley Health Systems, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Culinary Health Fund. He also served as clinical faculty for several medical schools, including the University of Nevada and Touro University.

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Here are some great comments from Dr Baktari regarding his drug testing business:

What made your drug testing business successful? “I listened to you Joe

What’s the story of you getting started with Joe Reilly for new business consulting? “It’s been a while and this all been great. I think, you know, in our business, we were doing drug testing as a side thing. And it was clear from watching our staff and talking with everyone, we were doing it, but we weren’t doing it all that good. At a high level, we weren’t doing super professionally. And it became clear that we had to elevate our game. Now, whenever, you know, I’ve looked at a business project to get into the question is, you know, where do you start? Do you just learn by trial and error? Or do you get some resources, some helped you hire a consultant to watch a lot of YouTube videos, whatever it is. So, in that case, you know, I thought the best approach would be to go to a conference. So, I had literally Googled nationwide drug testing conferences and, and back then it was the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) that popped up. And so, I decided to go to the conference as the first step in understanding what it’s going to take to get to that level and get a great plan, the right plan, like sometimes you don’t even know what it is you’re looking for. So I went to the conference, I heard a lot of great speakers and met a lot of people. And I think there was a lot of breakout conferences that meetings that you could attend. And one was, I think I found a workshop – The In’s and Out’s of Drug Testing, which actually I think you were giving the lecture for that. And I thought, well, that’s a great place to start, because you got to get the ABCs down. And the workshop made me realize that just like flying a plane, you know, you don’t start with landing the plane, you start with taking off, and you got to know, the ABCs of even taking off. So. it just made sense to me to approach someone like you, who you know, is the dominant force, the Michael Jordan of the drug testing industry, and say, so you know what, instead of me, making all the mistakes that anyone would make starting the business, why don’t you help me navigate those minefields and also educate us on what we’re eventually going to have to learn one way or another. So, you can either learn it the easy way, or the hard way, and the hard way, you know, maybe at the cost of failing. If you make a fatal error or when you’re starting your business, that you can’t recover from you plow through a bunch of cash or whatever you do make the wrong moves the wrong contracts, get the wrong vendors, the whole thing and understand who the players are in the industry, what minefields you have to navigate. So rather than try to do that by trial and error, it just kind of made sense to go to someone who lives and breathes it and do it right. And I think that’s what we did. We started on a journey, where we worked with you, and we learned the industry, we started very slow. You know, we didn’t try to take over the world, in a month or in a week, a year, whatever. And just understand, Okay, what’s the next step? What’s the next step, both in starting the business, getting vendor relationships, marketing, all of it.”

From Joe Reilly on starting a drug testing or mobile drug testing business: “We have the start a drug testing business training and consulting package, we call it the platinum package. It’s very comprehensive with 80 hours of homework to start. We do 10 hours of webinars with the client and me. And then two days live with me in a conference room. So, this is what I do with people that are starting up a drug testing business, I give them an extremely comprehensive training and consulting package to start a drug testing business.”

Platinum Package for Starting a Drug Testing Business
The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Mobile Drug Testing Collection Business
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National Drug Screening TPA Reseller Program – Lab Accounts, MRO and Software

Joe Reilly is the owner and operator of National Drug Screening and Joe Reilly & Associates, Inc.

About National Drug Screening (NDS)

A full service drug and alcohol testing company, National Drug Screening (NDS) also provides Medical Review Officer (MRO) services and web based drug testing software. The software platform allows for ordering, scheduling and electronic delivery of drug test results along with complete random testing management.

Managing drug testing programs since 1993, Joe Reilly President of National Drug Screening also served for 8 years on the board of directors of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry and had the honor and privilege of serving as the Chairman of the DATIA board of directors from 2004 -2008. Reilly was elected again to the DATIA Board in 2014 for an additional three year term.

About Joe Reilly & Associate, Inc

Located in Melbourne, Florida, Joe Reilly & Associates provides nationwide consulting and training services for the drug testing industry. Company President Joe Reilly has experience in the drug testing industry since 1993 and is considered an expert in workplace drug testing and in workplace drug testing collection procedures. The flagship service is the Platinum Package for Starting a New Drug Testing Business, this includes comprehensive training and consulting. Joe also regularly provided expert witness testimony for drug testing related cases.

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