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When businesses find themselves stuck in a rut, encountering roadblocks, or just in need of a fresh perspective, the most viable solution often lies in hiring a business consultant. These professionals bring to the table their wealth of expertise and unique insights that can lead to strategic transformations within your organization. If this is your […]
Best Practices for drug testing providers
Get your drug testing business up and running, marketing list.
What Do I Need to Start a Drug-testing Business?
Once you’ve determined that starting a drug-testing business is for you, you need to do some preliminary work before jumping right in to test people. You first need training. You’ll also need some specific supplies, and you’ll eventually want to hire a staff once you start to grow. So what exactly do you need to start […]
Opportunities on the Horizon: Growing Your Drug Testing Business in 2021
From: The Background Buzz Article: Inside Drug Testing December 2020 by Tom Fulmer Looking back on 2020, several words come to mind such as uncertainty, volatility, pivot, virtual, consolidation, and yes, opportunity. It is easy to watch the news and conclude that this year has been bad for all businesses, but that is not the […]
First Steps to Starting a Drug Testing Business
The very first step to starting a drug testing business is to get educated.  You need to fully understand what you might be getting into. Folks often call me to ask questions about starting the drug and alcohol screening business and it is very hard to give a quick answer.  It is very comprehensive.  I […]
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THE FIRST STEP TO STARTING A DRUG TESTING BUSINESS Starting a business means you need to create a business plan. Write down what you want to do and how you will do it. There is a lot of knowledge and training needed for the drug testing business. Be aware it will take many hours of […]